This Week’s Top Picks – 29th May

Inspired art, angry old women, exciting new websites, and digital academia. Here are my top picks from this week on the web.

Retirement Rage
Helen Garner is one of Australia’s best writers and she recently turned her attention to the indignities of old age. In this beautiful essay, Garner rages against the invisibility that comes with being an older woman and the ignorance of youth.

Radio Tonic
The New York Academy of Sciences recently released a five-part podcast series called Dementia Decoded. The series introduces lay audiences to the history, causes, and treatment of dementia, along with the future of dementia research, practice, and policy.

Web of Wonders
Two great websites caught my eye this week. Greater Good In Action is a new site from the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkley. If you’re interested in things like resilience, gratitude, mindfulness & compassion, it offers a host of evidence-based tools and techniques.  The Genius of Caring shares the stories of people caring for family members with dementia through a series of short films and a gallery of powerful images. This is also an interactive project, so carers are invited to contribute their own stories.

Digital Academia
Ever had a great idea, but couldn’t share it because it wasn’t enough for a full journal article? Behold, the Journal of Brief Ideas! And once you’ve published your fabulous idea, you’ll need to add the citation to your CV. That’s when these great suggestions for turning your academic CV into a digital document might come in handy.

For Art’s Sake
I love it when art meets science, so this article on people turning data into art really intrigued me. I’m also an avid swimmer, so I’m always on the look-out for art that captures the pure joy of being in the water. And this amazing animation does it perfectly.

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