Traditional Media
I’m passionate about working with the media to disseminate research findings and facilitate evidence-based practice and policy. Here are some recent examples…

Thoughts of suicide and self-harm in Dutch family carers
Care Welfare – Five percent of caregivers have suicidal thoughts

Reformatory Newspaper – Five percent of carers walking around with suicidal thoughts 

AD News – Five percent of carers sometimes think of suicide

Homicidal thoughts in family carers
ABC Statewide – Family carers consider killing relatives with dementia 

Australian Ageing Agenda – Need for carer support highlighted in homicide research

ABC Melbourne – Interview with Raf Epstein

Sydney Morning Herald – One in 10 dementia carers think about killing a loved one

ABC New England – New research reveals emotional toll of caring for a loved one

The World Today – Some dementia carers consider killing person they care for

Radio 2GB – Interview with Chris Smith

Media representations of dementia
Australian Ageing Agenda – Anger over Fin Review’s ‘feral’ dementia story

Getting older
Dumbo Feather – How to Age Powerfully

Suicide risk in family carers
ABC Radio National – Struggling dementia carers contemplate suicide

Australian Ageing Agenda – Suicide risk among female carers highlighted

The Courier Mail – Research on dementia carers show significant numbers contemplate suicide

Policy matters
BuzzFeed – 13 Scientists on what leaving the EU would do to British science 

Australian Ageing Agenda – Concern over AIHW move (Federal Budget 2014)

Social Media
Social Media is a great way for researchers to share their findings with the broader community, network with industry partners, engage in professional development, and provide informed commentary on current events.

I regularly tweet at @Siobhan_ODwyer and have developed a guide to Twitter for students and academics (see Presentations).

I am also the founder of a fortnightly writing workshop for PhD students and early career researchers that runs in Australia (@SUWTues), the UK (@SUWTUK), and the USA (@SUWTNA).

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